SCI 275 WK 4 CheckPoint Population Size

SCI 275 WK 4 CheckPoint Population Size - What do you...

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Based on your text, what are the four factors that produce changes in a population size? The four main factors that have an impact on changing the population size are birth, death, immigration, and emigration. The four factors only come into effect if we are concentrating on one country. If we look at changes in population in the world as a whole only birth and death are factors. Which of these factors affect population size of the nutria in the video? With evaluating the factors that affect the size of the nutria population birth would be the number one factor for increasing the population because the mothers can have up to 40 babies at a time. With how rapid the nutria reproduce I do not believe death would be much of a factor for decreasing the population size of the nutria. If death is a factor it would be a minimal one.
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Unformatted text preview: What do you predict will happen to the nutria population after the land is depleted of the nutrias’ food resource? After reviewing the video on the nutria the population is increasing out of control, which will result in the wetlands being completely deleted fairly quickly. Once the nutria consumes all of the resources I believe they will seek other resources, resulting in migrating to other land to satisfy their needs. The video stated that the nutria were not natives of the land, so apparently they have the ability to adapt. I believe if the nutria population is not more closely controlled other parts of the countries resources could also be affected....
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SCI 275 WK 4 CheckPoint Population Size - What do you...

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