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SCI 275 WK 9 Capstone Discussion Question

SCI 275 WK 9 Capstone Discussion Question - become vigilant...

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SCI 275 WK 9 Capstone Discussion Question Answer: I would choo se energy conservation with the intent of encapsulating other environmental issues. Conserving energy and the options available and research necessary to create other fuels and energy sources could very well include wind, water, agricultural, and technology influencing atmospheric pollution control. Solar panels, wind turbines, biomass fermentation. .. new technologies and education for the success of independence from foreign fossil fuels will heighten the awareness of the ever increasing human population to
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Unformatted text preview: become vigilant and responsible with respect for the planet. Monies are needed for education in schools, i.e., water resource and recycling programs and energy efficient studies. There must be continued research for alternative sources for heat and electricity. Further involvement of America in world-wide climate control summits is necessary for a continued commitment toward reduction in global warming....
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