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WMST 1006 Class Notes test 1 - Social Constructions of...

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Social Constructions of Sexuality—Class Notes Norms : social standards of appropriate behavior. Influences what we do & how we feel about it. Values Ideology : belief system that justifies/challenges particular social arrangements (i.e. religion/science) used to justify norms Sex must be private: illegal to have sex in public Consent: laws for age of consent Waiting to have sex: must know name of partner Accepted type of sex: male-female (penal-vaginal) o Ideology: religion tells us we should be with opposite sex/science tells us we can only reproduce w/ opposite sex Stratification : system for ranking society’s members based on certain characteristics. Functionalism : societies work in equilibrium, if there is a shift in one part of society, another part will shift to even it out. i.e. We need poor people to do what we don’t want to do (poverty serves a purpose) Characteristics : race, gender, sexual identity i.e. we withhold rights/resources from transgendered people. We question their mental health. Inequality : there is a tension between those with access to resources & those with limited access or denied access (conflict). Conflict i.e. same sex marriage argument Sociological eye/lens : being able to look at the world through the lens that suggests that culture has more of an impact on individual. C. Wright Mills , Sociological Imagination : intersection of biography w/ history, being able to see where our lives intersect with the history of society.
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Peter Berger , Sociological Perspective : 1. Seeing the general in the particular : seeing the connection between general social patterns & individual behavior. i .e. How is the notion of sexuality being private influenced by society? i.e. general social pattern of getting pregnant in high school—abort 2. Seeing individuality in social context : people make choices, but some choices are easier than others depending on context & we are not as unique as we like to think. i.e. choices on what to do after getting pregnant. Berger’s Social Control : every society controls its citizens Social control: system of rewards & punishments (positive & negative) that ensure (most) people adhere to the socially agreed upon standards of behavior. o How society controls our behavior: we do what we’re supposed to do & don’t do what we’re not supposed to do. Berger’s Techniques of Social Control 1. Violence or the threat of violence : most effective means of controlling population (but only for a short while). i.e. child molesters are considered the worst types of criminals. Killing, raping, mutilating gay, bi, transgendered people (i.e Matthew Shepherd). a.
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WMST 1006 Class Notes test 1 - Social Constructions of...

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