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Siskos 1 Artemis Siskos Mrs. Friedlander English 9 24 April 2010 Sexting Sexting, Sexting, Sexting, a rising teen issue that is being discussed worldwide. So, what does the word “Sexting” really mean? Sexting is when you expose yourself throughout a message, such as a “Text Message”, which is sent to another person. Many teens around the world have been abusing their text messaging plans by sending either their boyfriend/girlfriend or even their own friend exposing pictures of themselves. Many teens believe nothing is wrong with Sexting, WRONG! Sexting is become a worldwide threat to the universe. For policeman and lawyers, Sexting is seen as one of the biggest felonies for a teen, let alone a child. It is becoming a huge problem and it is being considered a crime, do to the fact that more and more teens are exposing themselves in the public eye, especially in an illegal way. They are putting all of their privacy at risk. “Sexting” can affect your life in various ways. It can affect you physically and mentally. Just by pressing the “send” button on your phone of a naked picture of yourself can affect you for the rest of your life. When you go to apply for a job and they see on your application that you have been in jail previously for “Sexting” they will not hire you. There are some people in the world that need to go through psychological help for months to try and go back to living their old life style. There have been several organizations to try and help those who can’t stop taking
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Siskos 1 nude pictures or even videos for that matter. I-Safe is a new group that has been trying to help teens and even adults from not committing this terrible crime. Recently studies have
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asresearch - Siskos 1 Artemis Siskos Mrs. Friedlander...

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