The Paradox of Liberal Hegemony

The Paradox of Liberal Hegemony - T he Paradox of Liberal...

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The Paradox of Liberal Hegemony- Mueller National Security implications of Globalizaton are a mixed bag. Catagories of security threats – other states and non state actors. 2 central arguments : 1- globalization reinforces and weakends American Hegemony; shifts distribution of relative power in favor of US and allies but constrains autonomy and increases limits on capacity of states. 2- globalization helping shift axes of conflict that face US and feeding dangers in near term though maybe not in long term Redistribution of Power- US can be happy b/c : globalization does not effect all states equally. US size, power and wealthy help moderate effects of globalization so less threatened than other states.- size provides insulation from disruptive sources. Stable growth good for a country maintiaining large armed forces. Hegemon gives US large piece of economic pie globalization is expanding. Globalization less beneficial to states who oppose US. – countries that US opposed tend to be not at open to globalization. 2 types, rogue states and china. Rogue states- oppose int. order and willing to defy it. Countries than pursue econ or pol isolation ill suited to prosper. Also, here migration of best and brightest most likely. China- able to take advantage of economics- constrained by illiberal politic and thus poses problem to idea of globalization weakening illiberal countries. However, china not only one growing, neighbors –taiwan.
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The Paradox of Liberal Hegemony - T he Paradox of Liberal...

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