Video Lecture-Paleo Indians

Video Lecture-Paleo Indians - Video Lecture Paleo Indians...

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Video Lecture: Paleo Indians 35,000 years ago humans reached Siberia o this time period was called the “Ice Age” o so much ice covered the northern and southern hemisphere o the ice soaked up so much of the humidity that the seal level dropped about 300 feet than it is today o many areas that were underwater now were exposed due to the water level o humans moved into those areas and then when the water level returned to normal levels many artifacts were now underwater from Siberia to Alaska the two areas were connected by land o this was called the bearing straight o today from Alaska you can see Siberia and vise versa but rather the land mass is now submerged under water 30,000 years ago human beings began reaching into present day Alaska Up to this point there is an agreement with archeologist and paleontologist From this point on ward is where the disagreement begins to start Archeologist believe that humans were stuck in Alaska for thousands of years due to the glaciers These glaciers were very large averaging one mile high Between 12-15,000 years ago a section in western Canada a portion of the glacier melted that allowed for a corridor that people started to
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Video Lecture-Paleo Indians - Video Lecture Paleo Indians...

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