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key terms - Ballgame Timucua Ballgame adapted from Le Moyne...

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Ballgame - Timucua Ballgame adapted from Le Moyne - Large groups of people, sometimes entire villages - Ball pole in the center of the town (highlight the town) - Celebrities on par with the leaders - Fufills religious reasons- pleases sun, thunder, and rain gods for a good season - Also fulfilled diplomatic/ masculine roles James Merrell, “Indians’ New World” - Radically changed world as a result of the Columbian exchange -Trade, Settlement (resettlement), and disease - The Columbian Exchange - Trade: Natives introduces europeans to chili peppers, beans, squash, corn, tobacco. Europeans introduce cotton, sugar, wheat, grapes, citrus, Kentucky Blue Grass (horses, pigs, sheep) - Disease o Influenza Pensacola Colonizers o Malaria Desoto o Typhus Narvaez o Small Pox o Yellow fever - Short Term Consequences o Blue Grass weeded out native grass and upsetted soil and plants o The animals brought by Europeans ate up the soil o The lack of plants created erosion people starved - Long Term Consequences o Drastic changes in diet, ecology, race relations, trade, dependency Resulted in depopulation New ecological landscapes New farming/ hearding New models of warfare New tools Charleston/Savannah/Augusta - Develop in significance to British (Charlestown – most important) - 5.2 mill pounds of deer skins through Charlestn - 2.5 mill pounds through Savannah - Brown Rae & Company - Panton Leslie & Company o Largest single trading firm in the country
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o Run by brittish authority that license traders o Traders Licensed: lived in native American towns McGillvray- becomes a partner in Panton (loved by Spanish) - Consequences o Trade Anyone who can shoot a gun kill deer which are traded extinction Debt With trade comes debt as the deer decline huge debts and no deer. Ecological Made deer extinct Repay debts land Pensacola - Slavery Origin - Similar in Europe, NA, and Africa: a legitimate fate, depending on circumstances of capture - Same in north and south - “Mourning Wars” to Iroquois and Algonquin - Capvitity vs. Torture - Increase in Imperial competition Spanish curtail Slavery in 16 th C - origionally main forces for slavery populating their islands - many conflicts with religious observations o Conquistadors wants slaves, but corwn wont let them enslave as long as they follow Christian laws. o Otherwise, “Holy War” or “Just War” is ok Virginia too weak to pull of large scale slavery South Carolina not - Spanish there only for one reason (Money) from Barbados - First navel stores and cattle but plantation didn’t pick up. -
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  • Native Americans in the United States, long term consequences, short term consequences, New ecological landscapes

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key terms - Ballgame Timucua Ballgame adapted from Le Moyne...

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