Chapter 1-3 study guide

Chapter 1-3 study guide - Characteristics of a chemical...

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Key Words Homogeneous/heterogeneous Density Mixture Compound Elements Solution/solvent/solute Matter/atoms/Molecules Calorimetry Heat/Temperature/specific heat/heat capacity Know the symbols Q, Cp, : if Q is negative versus positive what does that mean Key Concepts Separation techniques and what physical properties they are based on For example: filtration (based on phase) evaporation (bases on boiling pt) SI base units: for mass, length, time, temp, amount of substance, volume SI base for mass is kg SI prefixes you are responsible for G, M, k, base c, m, micro, n, p Mass versus Weight Physical/chemical/intensive/extensive properties Law of Conservation of Mass Law of Conservation of Energy Exothermic/endothermic
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Unformatted text preview: Characteristics of a chemical change Accuracy v. Precision Specific heat capacity Heating and cooling curve Phase diagrams Energy diagram Kinetic theory Calculations Scientific notation D=mass/volume Q=Cp x r t x m Q=m x r H ( the appropriate enthalpy constant) K=273.16+C Dimensional Analysis: in regards to conversions between two systems Memorize 4.184 J/gCI will give all other constants related to calculations of heat You may want to do additional problems from the book. In college it will be expected and you will find yourself doing more HW than assigned (actually HW is not always assigned). You also can expect lab based questions on the test as well as graph analysis....
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Chapter 1-3 study guide - Characteristics of a chemical...

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