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Unformatted text preview: Naming Compounds Is it ionic? Yes No Does it contain a transition metal? Is it organic? Yes Use the stock system which includes the charge of the cation in the name expressed as a roman numeral. Example: Iron(II)Oxide Or use the classic system of ic for the higher charge and ous for the lower charge Example: Ferric Chloride No Use the typical naming system where you will name the metal and then the nonmetal. With the nonmetal drop the ending and add ide. Example: Calcium Oxide Yes Use the organic prefix system: Meth, eth, prop, etc. Include number of carbons, type of bonds, and functional group. Example: 2-propenal No Then it must be a molecular compound (2 or more nonmetals). Simply name the compound using the prefix system or the stock system. Example prefix: Phosphorus trioxide Example stock: Phosphorus (VI) oxide. Treat the least electronegative element as a cation. ...
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