#7-5 Contemporary Europe I

#7-5 Contemporary Europe I - N ick Johnson Assignment 7-5...

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Nick Johnson Assignment 7-5: Contemporary Europe 1. In the twenty first century there was a great movement of people. Significant numbers of people moved willingly or not in and out of various parts of Europe in the 20 th century. Europeans moved from the county to the city. The Nazis and the Soviets displaced millions of people, resettling some and killing others. Post-war border changes and policies pushed and pulled local minorities and entire nations around the map of Europe. Millions of Europeans emigrated, while European colonials returned home from overseas. Non-European peoples also flocked to the former colonial powers, looking for work and educational opportunities. This postcolonial population influx included many Muslims. Muslims, like others, were also drawn to the economic opportunities Europe offered. Europe’s immigrant Muslim communities are often segregated or poorly assimilated, and in many cases discriminated against. The European birth rate has dropped below replacement levels, which will undoubtedly have profound consequences in
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#7-5 Contemporary Europe I - N ick Johnson Assignment 7-5...

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