2004FINAL - Version 001 First Name:_Last Name:_ i.d._ Final...

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Version 001 First Name:________________Last Name:_________________ i.d.__________________________ Final Examination CHEM222 and CHEM234 Examiner: Dr. Karine Auclair December 15, 2004 Associate Examiner: Dr. Ariel Fenster 9 am-noon Instructions: Please write your name and i.d. now. Answer to the 22 multiple choice questions on the answer sheet provided (3 points each). Answer the 5 short answers ( 3 points each), the mechanistic question ( 5 points ) and the 2 synthetic questions ( 7 points each) directly on the exam. No calculator allowed. Molecular models allowed. Bo not ask questions to the invigilators. IF YOU HAVE A QUERY of significance, please summarize it on the front of the exam. At the end you will need to hand in ALL the sheets of the exam. The examination Security Monitor Program detects pairs of students with unusually similar answer patterns on multiple choice exams. Data generated by this program can be used as admissible evidence, either to initiate or corroborate an investigation or a charge of cheating under Section 16 of the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures. Good Luck! 1
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1. What can you say from the mass spectrum below? 44
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2004FINAL - Version 001 First Name:_Last Name:_ i.d._ Final...

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