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Chapter 5 Reading Assignment

Chapter 5 Reading Assignment - Chemistry 113 Reading...

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Chemistry 113 Reading Assignment Chapter 5 #1 (Section 5.1) A. Thermodynamics is the study of energy and its transformations. There are two ways that energy can be transferred, these are by _ Work _ or _ Heat _. B. For energy to be transferred inherently means that it is going from one place to another. We define these two ‘places’ as the _ System _ and the _ Surroundings _. #2 (Section 5.2) A. The First Law of Thermodynamics states that: Simply that energy is conserved. This means that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. B. The internal energy of a system is hard to measure but CHANGES to internal energy are readily measurable. Complete the equation: ΔE = _ E final - E initial _ C. Looking at Figure 5.5, if the final internal energy state is higher in energy than the initial state the ΔE will be: _ Positive _ (positive or negative). D. Internal energy has two components q and w , what do these letters stand for? q _ Heat _ w _ Work _ E. If you carry out a chemical reaction in a glass beaker and you feel the beaker get warmer , you have an _ Exothermic _ reaction. (exothermic or endothermic).
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