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SOC 120 WEEK 9 DQ CAPSTONE - this would be a great boost to...

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SOC 120 WEEK 9 DQ CAPSTONE The subject that interested me most was the subject on urbanization. How urbanization happens why urbanization happens and both the positive and negative consequences that can happen to urbanization. The way I would use this information in my life is, that I would take more interest in what is going on in my town. I live in a very small town connected to several other very small towns and a large number of people flooded this area it would have both positive and negative effects. Because my town and surrounding towns are so small and they are all tourist towns, everyone relies on summer tourists to being in money; winters are difficult for businesses and for finding work. So when a group wanted to put an underwater pipe line through our bay, many people thought great, all those hundreds of workers and their family coming to live here for the two years it would take to put in the pipe line and the work that residence here could obtain, that
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Unformatted text preview: this would be a great boost to the economy. But very few thought of what would happen to the towns and businesses with the huge overcrowding and what would happen when they left. There is no doubt more businesses would open and more houses and apartments would be bought and built to accommodate all these people. But when they all would finally leave, those businesses would go under and the housing owners would be left with empty houses and having to pay on them, themselves. There would be an economic boom while those workers and family were here for two years and a terrible crash when they left. This crash could cause businesses otherwise stable to go under as well. The flow and go kind of urbanization such as this is detrimental to small towns such as I live in. Large cities would probably have no problem with this form of urbanization beyond the small areas that it actually affects. Lyndy Boucher...
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SOC 120 WEEK 9 DQ CAPSTONE - this would be a great boost to...

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