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HCA 230 week 2 DQ 1 I have worked off and on in the health care industry since I was 16, I have worked with many different people and in many different styles of care. In most cases when I had to deal with doctors they have been really good doctors. Unfortunately most doctors I saw, when working with patients were very straight to the point, and kept the patients only talking about what was going on with them, this to me is assertive, even when done in a nice way. There were a few
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Unformatted text preview: doctors I did not like due to the fact that they would in a very off handed way put people down, making them feel small or dumb. Many doctors think of themselves as better than those they work with and patients. Some doctors like to dictate what is being done, and prefer not to be questioned. I will never understand this. It is the patient who keeps the doctors working, it is all the other workers who help the doctors so that things run smoothly....
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