HCA 230 week 5 Barrier Diversity

HCA 230 week 5 Barrier Diversity - Barrier Diversity A...

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Barrier Diversity A patient’s lifestyle can easily become a barrier in health communication. When patients do not have the money to buy even simple supplements recommended by the doctor to help in their health care but are too embarrassed to tell the doctor then the patient will not by the supplements needed. Or a doctor may recommend a different dietary plan that a patient is either unable to afford, such as a Mediterranean diet, versus a typical diet, this is expensive and can be impossible for a patient to do, yet a patient will not tell the doctor that they cannot afford to change their diet. A patient may not see why they should go without a specific food, such as red meat, and does not understand the reason for the change and the patient does not see any reason to talk to the doctor about it. A person’s health can become a health care communication barrier, due to lack of money, or lack of help getting to appointments, again a patient may be embarrassed over these and instead of telling the doctor they will instead miss vital appointments. A person’s income can increase their exposure to home with potential health risks, such as dust, mold, etc… but low income people have fewer opportunities to move to a better environment for better health than
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HCA 230 week 5 Barrier Diversity - Barrier Diversity A...

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