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HCA 230 week 6 DQ 2 - their stress levels when a person in...

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HCA 230 week 6 DQ 2 It is very easy for someone to give to much support to an ill person and not even know they are doing so, thinking that they are helping when they are actually making matters worse. A person can offer to much instrumental support causing people to feel helpless and to become dependent on others, such as helping a person with everything they do instead of allowing the person to help with their care and daily living as much as possible. To much information can cause a person to feel overwhelmed and increase
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Unformatted text preview: their stress levels, when a person in inundated with lots of information on the illness they have and all the treatments that they may or may not have can easily frighten a person who is already distressed. Over empathizing such as emotions contagion is when and ill person empathizes so mch with others with the same problem that they no longer feel as if anyone else who is not ill cannot understand what they are going through or feeling....
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