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HCA 230 week 8 checkpoint Team work

HCA 230 week 8 checkpoint Team work - appointed to the...

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HCA 230 week 8 checkpoint Team work Teamwork As the head of the billing department it would be my responsibility to ensure that a proper and well running team is built, ensuring that everyone who is working on the team has the appropriate skills for that team. I would first start by finding out each person’s strong point and who had coding backgrounds. I would then higher those with the strongest background and those with the most motivation the team and company I would then get together with the coding department and find out what is causing the miscommunication of codes from one department to the billing department and create coding cheat sheets that provide the correct codes. This would ensure that the correct codes were
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Unformatted text preview: appointed to the correct procedure performed. To promote effective team work I would hold weekly workshops so each person could put in the ideas of where things were slow and how to improve on them. I would research the latest and fastest billing systems and techniques and implement these into the team, while encouraging the team to improve on it finding newer and faster ways of coding and encourage sharing of this information with the team. To promote moral, I would have a monthly gift card for the person who had the highest productivity and the most accurate. As well as a party for each time the team improved its productivity....
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