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HCA 230 week 1 MANAGED CARE - MANAGED CARE Managed Care...

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MANAGED CARE Managed Care Lyndy Boucher Axia University HCA/230 Jana Watters 7/17/2010
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Managed Care Some of the pros to managed health care are that it makes it more affordable for patients. With managed care, patients are matched up with caregivers and facilities that are more affordable for them. Managed health care is also available for those who cannot afford health insurance. Managed care helps pay the bills for health care, only requiring the payee to pay a certain amount and there is no deductible. Some cons to managed health care are that the economy is not getting any better which means that health care costs will continue to increase. Newer technology is continually being developed with more ways to help others cure themselves; this has also increased the cost of health care. This increase does not help those who are already having difficulty paying for health care. This would and does impact society, because it is one huge reason why a lot of people do not get the proper care that they need due to the cost of increasing health care costs. This means
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