HCA 230 week 4 Appendix D - HCA/230 Appendix D Asthma...

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HCA/230 Appendix D Asthma Scenario Although the mother tries to ask questions of the doctor, there is a lack of communication. The mother throws out the prescriptions, allowing her daughter to suffer for another month, wanting for another doctor to be available. The communication problem is that the doctor is too busy. The doctor rushes the patient and mother off. The doctor also cuts the mother off when she tries to ask questions. This makes the mother feel as if the doctor does not care, since he did not have adequate time for her daughter and did not listen to her questions of concern. The caregiver needs to have uninterrupted adequate time for each patient. Listening to the patients concerns, and be sure the patient completely understands all that has been discussed and is sure the patient is happy with the information given, the exam and advice for treatment. Dentist Scenario The dentist wants the patient to have better hygiene, but the patient feels pressured by the dentist. Making her feel she has to do things that she does not wish to do, but she does not tell
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HCA 230 week 4 Appendix D - HCA/230 Appendix D Asthma...

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