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HCA 230 week 6 DQ 1 - persons daily life A lay caregiver is...

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HCA 230 week 6 DQ 1 A lay caregiver is very important to an ill person. a lay caregiver allows an ill person to live at home with the help of friends and family. A home setting and the support of family caregivers is helpful in an ill persons recovery and or transition during the dying process. The interaction with a family lay caregiver can help an ill person in staying more functional and interactive in their own care, which will again help in the
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Unformatted text preview: persons daily life. A lay caregiver is more apt to notice mental and emotional changes since they are with the person daily, and know how the person has acted all their life, when these changes are noticed a lay caregiver is more able to find out the cause and help the person to deal with the changes....
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