HCA 230 week 8 DQ 2 - seemed to be in a hurry She did not...

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HCA 230 week 8 DQ 2 I had a conflict lately when my 5-year-old daughter fell and fractured her elbow. We had to spend the night in the pediatric ward and have surgery on her arm the following morning. She had two pins inserted in her arm to fuse the bones back together. After she was taken back to her room she had to go for x-rays. I was allowed in the x-ray room with her and the x-ray technicians assistant was very rude and pushy with my daughter. Now to remind you she is 5, just had surgery, on pain med's, and still groggy from being under anesthetics. The assistant wanted her to bend her arm a certain way to get the picture. I noticed that this was causing my daughter pain and the x-ray tech said that the way she had it was fine. I proceeded to speak up and inform this person that she was causing my daughter pain and could she please stop. I believe that the reason we had a conflict was because the women was older and
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Unformatted text preview: seemed to be in a hurry. She did not have a caring, patient attitude and that's what my daughter and I needed. This was Casey Hawn's posting How I would of resolved this is. If the technician wasn't listening to my requests to stop hurting my child I would of told her that to stop everything immediately and that I was going to take my daughter out of the room while I found a supervisor who could do the x-ray's without causing my daughter harm. If the technician argued further I would remove my daughter immediately and seek a supervisors help. This way I would know my daughter was safe with me while I found someone who could help with this situation. It is possible to take x-rays without causing harm, and if a caregiver is in to much of a hurry to take the proper care for someone no matter what their age then it is in their right or the person with them to speak up....
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HCA 230 week 8 DQ 2 - seemed to be in a hurry She did not...

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