HCA 230 week 3 Socialization of a Caregiver

HCA 230 week 3 Socialization of a Caregiver - 1...

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socialization Running head: CAREGIVERS Caregivers socialization Lyndy Boucher Axia College HCA/230 Jana Watters 8/1/2010 1
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Socialization in medical school can be hard to find while students focus on the scientific aspects of learning and the socialization aspect is put by the way side. This can have an effect on a person and they can become distant and unable to see the personal side of their medical field such as communication and relationship buildings. Which is just as important to helping a patient as the medical side? While nursing schools also focus on the scientific side the schools also offer classes for communication and life studies which help nurses in preparing for and adding a personal touch where patients are concerned. Each type of medical schools, whether, medical, nursing, dental, optical,, all deal with the physical forms of people and different ailments and yet all of the schools either offer little to no classes helping students to learn proper socialization skills to help them with patients, caregivers can focus their feelings from not only patients but others to help deal with the stress of life. Improvements that are trying to be instilled is that medical students need to learn that and be taught that a human being is more than an object and needs to be treated as a person, with feeling and understanding, broadening communication skills. While students suffer long grueling
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HCA 230 week 3 Socialization of a Caregiver - 1...

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