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HCA 230 week 4 DQ 2 One factor can be that a patient's financial stability. A patient may want to follow a doctors advice but cannot afford the medication and yet is uncomfortable saying so. Another factor could be a patient is unable to follow doctors orders due to physical inability, again a patient would feel uncomfortable to say so and thus he/she would not follow the doctors advice. Last, a patient could feel discouraged by a doctors advice, feeling the doctor did not explain things clearly enough and the patient did not express this discouraged feeling, yet chose not to follow the doctor's advice because of this feeling.
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Unformatted text preview: I feel that a patient when, he/she leaves a doctors/caregivers office and feels discouraged by the experience that this is the most problematic. When a patient is discouraged, 1). the patient may not follow the doctors advice. 2). The patient may not return for further treatment or follow up. 3). The patient may chose not to seek another doctor's opinion for fear of experiencing the same discouraged feeling. 4). Without further treatment a patient can become even more ill causing further problems and higher medical bills....
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