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Soc 120 week 7 DQ 2 This is an interesting question. Different societies acted in different ways. So the answer is yes and no. Ancient societies were and were not concerned about the environment. Some societies used the land respectfully and had little waste, while other societies used the land for what it could give and moved on. Some societies made water ways to dispose of waste, while others tossed it where ever they pleased. Some societies tended the land moving fields so the land could regenerate. While other
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Unformatted text preview: societies used the land until it was dead. Some societies had more resources than other societies so they used their resources to the extreme, while the societies with fewer resources used their resource sparingly and with caution. Some societies contributed to the destruction of the environment just as we do. and we can see this destruction in ancient ruins. While other societies cared for the land and their surroundings....
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