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Soc 120 week 3 Social Construction of Reality

Soc 120 week 3 Social Construction of Reality - The way I...

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Social Construction of Reality My social status as I see it is as caregiver, homemaker, so I would have to say it is an achieved status. I do not have a job per say. I take care of my brother who is an alcoholic and nearly blind. Although he does not recognize me or my mother as his caregivers and tries to demand things be done a certain way, even though it is my mother’s home in which we all live. So I would not say I have a status inside the home. Outside of the home I would have to say my social status is master status since everyone who knows me knows I have been a caregiver most of my life and they ask me for advice on how to care for sick parents or grandparents. Few people ask how I am or things of this nature; I am merely a conduit for information.
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Unformatted text preview: The way I shaped my own reality is that I decided if I was always going to be treated as a knowledge box for helping others that I would go back to school, learn more so I would be able to help as many people as I could in more ways than merely being a caregiver. Also I hope to gain the respect of my brother and family, since they do not think I have the ability to complete college, and I am determined to prove them wrong. My social status has given me a view of the world in that, one hand can help many, but so many do not reach out to help anyone. That the world is selfish and uncaring, with very few who truly do care about others then just themselves....
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