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Soc 120 week 3 DQ1 There are many important stages of human development, I do not think there is just one thing that helps development, I do however think that family is crucial to the moral development as a child grows. For example, if a child sees his/her, mother/father or both drinking and using drugs throughout their early stages of child hood it is likely the child will think that this behavior is ok and will do the same. While on the other hand if a child sees his/her parents going to work everyday, attending church/ other moral functions the child will likely do the same. Now this is not to say in either example a
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Unformatted text preview: child could do exactly the opposite. Good peer groups can help a child in continuing to develop good moral characteristics, again a peer group from a church is less likely to be off getting into trouble, over a peer group of those who prefer hanging out in the streets. I think that family is the most important through all stages of human development although peer groups in all stags of growth are also very important. I think Herbert Meads theory of social behaviorism best supports my view point....
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