Soc 120 week 1 Suicide - describes the elderly as...

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Sociological Research Methods Suicide In this article, it emphasized that suicide, whether in the act of or contemplation of, or as in association with psychological problems. Depression Is a key factor but not the only factor and suicide can come from many things, and approaching this in the theoretical approaches is explained in the article. The people who are suicidal feel very isolated from family, friends and society which may explain their loneliness and the lack of care they have for things around them. They are much more moody and have fewer reasons to live. Since they do not connect to society, they also may have conflicts, and feel inadequate if they have physical disorders. Drugs and alcohol only adds more to this depression which may trigger suicide. The article focused on the critical orientation of sociology to explain suicide and those of risk to it. For example, it
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Unformatted text preview: describes the elderly as nonfunctioning people in society as they have to be taken care of, in which instills a feeling of high dependency and hopelessness. The article might suggest giving elder people activities to do to feel important or adequate despite their age and physical abilities. Suicide is state of mind, and is usually induced by a lack of connection and inequality to others because they lack the skills to socialize. I did not use this as my research or resource I used life, my brother and cousin the drug users and alcoholics that are always telling the family let them die or kill them. And the elderly people I have taken care of throughout my life who also asked the same of me. Life is a better teacher than any school book....
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Soc 120 week 1 Suicide - describes the elderly as...

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