Chapter 4 - a Fear of negative publicity 11 The first step...

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Chapter 4 1) A competitive corporate environment a. Encourages employees to deceive customers 2) Business relationships of ten present dilemmas that are a. Not easy resolved 3) Corporate values are a. Learned by observing 4) Obeying the law a. The first step towards ethical behavior 5) Ethical problems and issues of social responsibilities are: a. Not unique to the US 6) Which of the following would involve an ethical situation a. Overstating expense report 7) A phone call to a government official by an employee of Enron is closest to a. Whistleblower 8) What type of ethic code emphasizes penalizes wrongdoings a. Compliance based ethics 9) Stories of political leaders accepting bribe in return for their imbalance have occurred worldwide unlike the past these leaders have been forced to resign under public pressure. This indicates that a. People are demanding higher standards of leaders 10) What factor causes businesses to rigorously enforce ethical standards
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Unformatted text preview: a. Fear of negative publicity 11) The first step in facing a ethical dilemma is to ask a. Is it legal 12) Top leaders in government business today are a. Help to higher ethical standards in the past 13) What it comes to social responsibility some people feel that before you can do good you must be well. This reflects the Chapter 4 a. Investors 14) Which of the following questions could help us avoid a decision that could enter our selfesteem a. How will it make me feel about myself 15) The laws that we have written establish the standards of a. Legal behavior 16) Which of the following terms describes someone who report illegal or unethical activities a. Whistleblower 17) The purpose of a what is to evaluate in organizations progress towards implementing programs that are social responsible a. Social audit 18) What refers to standards of moral behavior a. Ethics...
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Chapter 4 - a Fear of negative publicity 11 The first step...

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