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CHE304Solutions 031 - (2121.122 211.11 12 13 25 Yes Always...

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Unformatted text preview: (2121.122 _ 211.11 12 13 , . 25 Yes .- _. Always assigned, AA= Always assign one from the group of alternates It 0M1, I= hfiequenfiy, S=Seldom1G =Graduate level In problems that have a dot 1n conjunction with AA means that one of the, problems eithat the problem with a dot or any one of the alternates m1; always awaited- Approximate time in minutes it would take a B/B“ student to solve tit; problem. 5F Straight fiorward reinforcement of principles (plug and chug) _ m Fairly straight fiorward (requires some manipulation of equations or an ' ‘ mtexmediate ealeulation). ,- f " ' ‘ , ta calculation required ...
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