RLM Media (systems)

RLM Media (systems) - RLM Media was created in 1985 by Ray...

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RLM Media was created in 1985 by Ray Kelner. The company achieved great success early on specializing in sale of innovative speakers. This success would soon come to an end and a once billion dollar business found itself in a deep hole. This fall from grace was blamed primarily on RLM Media's CEO, Lars Inman. Lars had failed to put forth any new ideas simply relaying on the companies old and out of date product. The company however, is not dead just yet Lars has the opportunity to save the company and return it to its glory days of stellar financial success. Under intense pressure from the companies chairman Keith Harrington, Lars' business expertise will be put to the test when he must decided which direction to take this innovative idea that is still in its infant stages. The decision facing Lars Inman is a very difficult one. He must decide weather to take RLM Media in a direction that involves outsourcing their development to a company who is based in India. Or Lars could take the opposite approach to the problem and stick with his head engineer and founder Ray Kelner and hope that his team of developers can come through and create a product and is revolutionary. The decisions is made much more difficult due to the companies current financial problems. The decisions could come down to weather Lars is willing to gamble on Kelners creative team or go the safe route and trust Inova, the Indian development company. Both options have their
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RLM Media (systems) - RLM Media was created in 1985 by Ray...

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