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ME214StaticsWeek2_Lecture_5_Chapter2 - ME 214 Vector...

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ME 214 Vector Statics Week 2 Lecture 5, Chapter 2 Instructor: A Rezaei Today’s Objective: Students will be able to: a) Draw a free body diagram (FBD), and, b) Apply equations of equilibrium to solve a 2-D problem. Important Note: Free Body Diagram is one of the most important topics in understanding the basic concepts in STATICS, do yourself a favor and LEARN HOW TO DRAW FBD (Free Body Diagrams) correctly . If you do not draw the FBD correctly, there is no way you will be doing a STATICS problem correctly. THE WHAT, WHY AND HOW OF A FREE BODY DIAGRAM (FBD) What ? - It is a drawing that shows all external forces acting on the particle. Why ? - It helps you write the equations of equilibrium used to solve for the unknowns (usually forces or angles). How ? 1. Imagine the particle to be isolated or cut free from its surroundings. 2. Show all the forces that act on the particle. Active forces: They want to move the particle. Reactive forces: They tend to resist the motion.
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