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ct8202 Exan 2 Clo6€d Book aod Notes (509/0) C{bon Motroidc tf 25 'C .nd $eam ar I 50'C are fcd to r cotinrous water-g8s shift ..aaor. tte p.oa"a grs, cihich contails 40 oole% H2, 40 elolgt/o @, d fhe balane HrO (v) €mcrges at 500'C at a r.te of2.50 SOr{H (seaadard cubic mctcts Pc{ hour). a) (1070) Draw t floslcbat ofthis rc.ctd rtrd ldbol tlc stseams. AIso, *rito dovm the readion' 3tsM Winter Quad€r 2009 (z.s)( rooo 1 I 19 rn"l/ln \2L,. I tll. 6 rol /hr ---------' 0.0 h. 0,4 coz
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