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d) (loelo)Taking aionic sFci.s .t 25 oC as rEfercdces srd fil in the i et-outlot enthalPy tablc bolow: Refer€nc€ states: H.q'l , Ccr:, 0.tgt a{ eFoc c) (15%) Calcula& thc sp.citrc .nftdpics ir tia frble rDd rh. &quit€d relc of hest tratrsfe(kw) to or iom thc t!aato. . (Gived: tlc hc.t offorErtion ofco(g), HrO(v) strd CO2 G) at 25 'C atc -110.52, -241.83, -395.5 k Eol). Co ca: 2s"c = $,. (af,t).0 : - hr/mol Hlo C!i ttro's) f,. . (Afi.r)uro."r * fi",o1rsooc) -2ri.t3 + +,'2] 1 -23?.61 hllnol Hro c't,, Eoooc)
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