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Sandra Uriarte September 18, 2010 CRJ 354 Essay 1 This paper will allow you to summarize your personal exploration and self-assessment from earlier class sessions. Your paper needs to be 3–5 pages, double-spaced, and should cover the following issues: a. Your personal definition of counseling. b. Reasons for choosing the counseling field. c. How your personal values and ethics will be reflected in your counseling style. d. Your strengths and challenges as you become an addictions counselor. Your paper should portray your personal reflections on entering the addictions field. As a personal account, you should use first person as appropriate and be mindful of appropriate self-disclosure. Counseling offers a way to gain perspective on your behavior, emotions and relationships. It provides a means to express your feelings and identify patterns of thinking. Counseling helps to alleviate anxiety, depression and anger in their many forms. It assists in developing communication skills for dealing with conflict and frustration. It is also a means for addressing pain as well as working through loss and adding meaning to your life. Counseling deals with personal, social, vocational, empowerment, and educational concerns. It is a process in which clients learn how to make decisions and formulate new ways of behaving, feeling, and thinking. Counselors focus on the goals their clients wish to achieve. Clients explore their present levels of functioning and the changes that must be made to achieve personal goals. Thus, counseling involves both choice and change, evolving through distinct stages such as exploration,
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CAS 354 essay 1 - Sandra Uriarte September 18, 2010 CRJ 354...

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