Midterm 2- geol

Midterm 2- geol - Midterm 2 1.What is the defining...

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Midterm 2 1.What is the defining charatersitc of a greenhouse gas? A. Absorbs long wavelength radiation from the earths’ surface 2.Long term climate change always results from: C. any long term imbalance of incoming and outgoing radiation 3 Which of the following 4. What are the drivers of the ocean circulation? A. Density and winds 5. What is ocean circulation? Ekman :windriven 8. Upwelling zones are the result of A.Divergence of surface current 9. What is thermohaline circulation A. Ocean circulation due to lateral difference in temp and salinity 10. Why is the thermohaline circulation important for climate? A.it transport heat northward
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C carries co2 D. All of the above 11.What are mosoons? B. A seasonal climate oscillation, marked by a reversal of winds and rainfall patterns 12. Why are monsoons important to society Because some 1 billion people depnd ciritcially on monsoon rains for agriculture 13. During the Asian summer monsoon, winds over the Indian ocean are directed to the: D. northeast 14. What is enso: C. Both: It’s a couple ocean-atmosphere oscillations 15. Cycle of ENSO 2-7 years 16. Why is enso prediction valuable to society? B. because it enables decision –makers to plan ahead
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Midterm 2- geol - Midterm 2 1.What is the defining...

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