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mt1s - PHYSICS 10-MmTERM-l A ca at the start with an...

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Unformatted text preview: PHYSICS 10-MmTERM-l A ca: at the start with an velocity ofVo = so migc.’ 2411322215 36:}; loopitfiieSIMacfifi‘asdepictedhthcfigtneabove. 3) H6?! far the cliffdoesitland? yr; V0: 30 bImLZZ‘ifl-jfl miscc/ m = v0 [Tom- zommlz'l°~)w‘7t_°h "f ‘ * b)mwfiréoesitlandif'vn=66misec?_ V°$90M19LLZI~1,.‘I1M|$42 \/ ' M“ V3W7LO"J’4LJ 2~I|oble (“3” = ‘ c).mmmam.iw.-smm? Vi: Y9: ShlkL 4191.11 Ml?“ Problem #2 ~ . <¥ CarAwithm; =1Kg, ismovingwithavelocity ofV=10mlsec. Reachinscarfifihe two cars undergo an indastic coilision, . I ‘ . 9;)‘How much is the mass ofthe car B,»iftbé energy loss i553 ofthe kinetic energy ofw A before collision? , A ' VA‘; VV§<~MA‘FM’3) EKG-MA Vi) ‘ liva (Mn.+M,5) Questions: 1. Whatisthedimensimofmomenmm? [r 1 = we] 2, The tweeteration down is always negative. True or Faise? mm. Hr lt‘uhi qu HQ- am”, A» (a .r AMA-L an s, 3. What is the difi‘erence between speed and velocity for a motion in one dimension (or in other words, linear motion)? ‘ Vekuh [5 a. Veda)! 1vu~\r\\"~})v%*¢\a McL/"LUI L’A’L I‘MYML‘AI. d l\f1~"'\~\n, 1’0 YL. J{/‘Lg\‘|§y\ \5 In heu‘Kl N g'sl" sflté \s a SLJVW TNVL»\\7- L“ 4. Our Earth moves around the Sun in 1 year. How many days Would there be in 1 year, iftheearthwastwiceasfm'fi'om theSun? 3 Mde mud“ "\M Vim} Kzrlq‘} Walling} - ' :’ \iMLVng (7 Merit/:5 rat“ a 1.13“,fo : TaNKer: )fllf lfi13k§¢r~tgxllozame ’ 6. What is the gravitational force in the middle of the earth? ‘ON 7. Whatex ' Edict-Galileo do? “c boy. VLk) M043, (fl‘k/"vkv‘k’r‘ H'O‘thd u A”. n mt {MM 1a, Shh-hr} ) I. 8. mammmw K" ‘V'J".a~kk¢,\ hut u on arid «HA OHNHH (“K “‘V'. 9. WmmdeW Dunk} 2 [find-y.- M] 16. . vi “1 W‘Ilk that“ Hunky" [WVK‘L AKE: 1. -‘ ...
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