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reviewpsc - role of government political parties reaction...

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Review Sheet Test 1 Danzinger chapters 1 and 2 o Types of political knowledge o Political analysis o What is politics? What is political science? Criticisms of Political Science o Normative v. Empirical knowledge o Orientations (cognitive, affective, etc.) o Political beliefs Example question (see chapter 2): “The feelings or emotions evoked by a political stimulus constitute the individual’s:” a) Cognitive orientations b) Affective orientations c) Evaluative orientations d) Normative evaluations Ball and Dagger (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) Main ideologies : Liberalism; Socialism; Conservatism; Fascism; Nazism; Focus on those theorists and concepts we discussed in class, especially: Marx, Locke, Burke, Hobbes, Machiavelli, Lenin, Aristotle; Augustine; Adam Smith; Arthur de Gobineau; Chamberlain; Hitler Social Contract Principles of the Enlightenment/Counter Enlightenment Guardianship; Nationalism Madison and Anti-federalists; Declarationof Independence Be able to distinguish ideologies on basis of human nature, rationality, tradition,
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Unformatted text preview: role of government, political parties; reaction to industrial revolution; • Key terms : ascribed status; aristocratic privilege; atomistic and organic conceptions of society; bourgeoisie; proletariat; elitism; leveling; republicanism; reactionary; dialectical change • Positive and negative freedom; natural rights; • How welfare state liberalism differs from other strands of liberalism Example questions: “In Discourses , Machiavelli discusses a number of republican ideals including:” a) Rule of law b) A virtuous citizenry c) A mixed government d) All of above “Which of the following argues that selfish human nature limits what can be achieved on Earth?” a) Augustine b) Plato c) Aristotle d) Hobbes “Which of the following argued that democracy had to be organized on a small scale if it was going to help foster civic virtue in its citizens?” a) Plato b) The Anti-federalists c) Madison d) Lenin...
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reviewpsc - role of government political parties reaction...

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