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Harjit Kaur Bio 200 Lab 1 HW 1. Hypothesis: French impressionist painting have the highest average sales. 2. A. Yes, it can be testes because if you have a group of people that hand write their papers and then a group that type their papers, you can then collect the data of what grades the people in the experiment got. There would be independent and dependent variables. B. No, this can’t be tested because you can’t scientifically test
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Unformatted text preview: behavior. You cannot measure some ones behavior. There would no independent or dependent variables in this experiment. C. No, because the statement happy cannot be scientifically measured. D. Yes, it is testable because can give a group vitamin c and give the other group none and keep track of the amount of causes of strep throats that occur in both groups. There would be an independent and dependent variable in this case....
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