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selfrelection - writing grew stronger I was able to focus...

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Harjit Kaur Instructor Pete Howard English 101 11 November 2008 Self Reflection This was one of the most interesting courses that I have taken. It helped open to many different parts of the world that I was not aware of. The topics this semester was very interesting that I actually wanted to write about these topics. When you actually write about something that sparks your interest, you are actually going to write something more knowledgeable. In every piece that I wrote this semester it gave me a chance to improve. Each essay was about something different, so it allowed for more variety in my work. It showed that I can write about so much more then just one topic. With each essay my
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Unformatted text preview: writing grew stronger, I was able to focus in my topic, so I would have a much stronger essay. With Professor Howard’s help I was able to improve my essay so that they are interesting, as well in insightful. There are many ways that I can improve my writing as well, I need to strengthen my vocabulary in my writing, because sometimes, I end up writing the way usually speak, doing so it lessen the effect of the essay. I also need to improve on the fact I should be able to make my ideas a little more expressive in my writing as well is in the class itself. I have improved greatly in my writing with this course but I still have so much more to work on....
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