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Instructor Pete Howard English 101 10/10/08 Effects of Free Trade Free trade could be considered an idea where participating countries benefit from not having tariffs, or laws regulating trade (Norberg 25). One famous man, Karl Marx, who argued against free trade, stated that, “Free trade is one word, for exploitation, veiled by religious and political illusions, it has substituted naked, shameless, direct, brutal exploitation”. Free trade, sounds like an excellent way to balance the wealth, but as with every good thing in this world, it comes with a catch. Wealthier countries, have to sacrifice jobs, wages, and sometimes safety to bring the developing countries up economically, but at the same time corporations become more powerful at the expense of the citizens of those developing counties. Free trade in the United States has been going on in this country for centuries with limitations, but in the last decade it has began to expand globally. Since the start of the global free trade the United States has gone from being the world’s largest creditor to being its largest debtor. This country has ended up with trillions of dollars in debt, which leads it being bailed out by other free trade counties. The only people in America that is making any money are the global corporations, who send thousands of jobs to developing counties every year to cut cost. The jobs that are being outsourced, comes at the cost
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new free drade - Harjit Kaur Instructor Pete Howard English...

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