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Kessleressay - During this time humans looked at artistic...

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Harjit Kaur AHI 210 Kessler Essay Humans have always tried to find ways in which they can express them selves; art throughout the ages has always been considered the ultimate form of human expression. There is usually the assumption that art has a physical definition, but art tends to surpass that and it goes into a deeper meaning. It has always been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This simply means that when one looks at art, you see something that some one else may not. Art is part of a person’s inner emotion, which tends to evoke a type of religious experience. This is the case of many works of art that were done in the Medieval period. According to Kessler, Medieval art is not only to be seen by physical means but it is also intended to evoke a certain mental image. Mental images were an important part of the medieval art experience.
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Unformatted text preview: During this time humans looked at artistic representations of religious icons not as material things but as portals to stir up emotions in their souls, so they are develop a stronger love for the Christian religion as well as the scriptures. The pieces of art helped the early Christian people maintain a spiritual experience. The pictures served in the system of communication with god that was the basic foundation of the church. The church did not want people to worship the pictures but worship the idea behind it; it helped provide a visible form of god that is invisible. Kessler states material pictures depict the images of Christ so that people can be led to see things that are generally invisible. This fact allows them to have a spiritual as well as an emotional connection to the pieces of art, which allows them to stay connected to the church....
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