peoplelikeus2 - The documentary's effort to bring to light...

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The documentary's effort to bring to light the complexity of social class much impressed me. By rendering such an encompassing analysis of the complexity of social class, "People Like Us" provides a general audience with a foundation on which to form conclusions on social class. Instead of forcing a single definition of class upon viewers, the film prepares spells out the many definitions, allowing its viewers to form their own logical conclusions concerning class and its many factors. From class-specific garb to class-specific white bread, the documentary makes clear that class has many facets. Although the documentary is not quite thorough enough to enlighten a class scholar, it clearly achieves its primary objective: to expose, not to profoundly analyze, the many faces of social class. The social class in which you are born into has a large impact on what your social role is in society. Whether it be the circumstances in which you were born into, your education status, your wealth, gender or cultural and ethnicity it can have a dramatic affect on the type of job you can apply for in society, but with enough will and determination you can beat the minority and you can achieve the same amount of income or happiness in life as anybody else can despite what they think you can achieve because you are seen as less worthy. Social class creates a type of segregation among people. I believe people on the bottom are almost oppressed. Although personal characteristic
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peoplelikeus2 - The documentary's effort to bring to light...

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