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mt2s - Problem 1(3 pts each 7 2 4 e a 1'0 1.2 Time(seconds...

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Unformatted text preview: Problem 1 (3 pts each) 7 2 4 e a 1'0 1.2 Time (seconds) a) For the wave shown above, what is the amplitude? What aspect of musical sound does the amplitude correspond to? C H) 7 Corr’fpaMJJ’ {‘9 Iota/M655 @ or Voi M b) What is the frequency for the wave shown above? What aspect of musical sound does the frequency correspond to? . I 0 I 2 s "" 3 -' +3. §¢T=35<¢=>¥$ 3-H%[) Fri? ut4~t7 Corréyondr 1:“ Fiat" or WWI”, Mi" {*0 c) If the wave is traveling at a speed of 100 m/s, what is the wavelength of this wave? VZWO "/4, 55.93”? v: M (43) [00 : ?\ 213-5 ' >‘ ” 300M d) Draw the first three harmonics for a standing wave vibrating on a string of length L and give the wavelength for each one. MW“. €39 >42, W L 2” WWW : : a : L (7‘!) .l A I ’Sfli [Ah/Monk: )1 2/3 L (-—~—————4 L Problem 2: A cube of wood measures 2m on each side and has a density of 700 kg/m3. The density of water is 1000 kg/m3. (3 pts each) a) What is the weight of the wood block? , - V“ _ w L : ‘: Sé . w, mg )9- v ,> ‘700 7;); > “'4 oorg w: 546mm w: 562000 N (+3) b) When the block is held 3m under water, what is the pressure at the top surface of the block? What is the pressure at the bottom surface of the block? (Ignore atmospheric pressure) P: j) 3 D 9m D j n‘ in): P: Macao-'3 iaafl’m P; 1000"" (3+3) , 30,000 PA P; $0100“ ()4 (fl) (7” ) [h Cwm‘l' Wit) flw/ 1444(1) c) What is the force (due to pressure) acting on the top surface of the block? What is the force acting on the bottom surface? Calculate the difference between these two forces. : F. F : V P /A F f; 3 a .E— loath“ 50,000: :0“?va IF? V3010“! a _ V {310/ Goo/y": F ) 300/ 00-” 1U : F (fl) Wm!” 200/ 000 " 190/000: 000 (1)) (1) Would this block sink or flo t? Why? 16 Tl/‘L blvoK lNflUU Mi W6}?sz W bw7mf [CC ('5 my, mu m flow 0‘ gram, M m M927 ‘7; Problem 3 (2pts each) 1. A piece of metal and a piece of paper have been left in an air—conditioned room for several hours. Which feels colder when you touch it? Which is at a lower temperature? MOW gals 7% L51 M at W 2. You have a sealed balloon filled with air. If the pressure remains constant, what would happen to the balloon if you put it in the freezer? U 3",” PM P )5 (mam 77 «'— : V1 c> lay/[M W7] VAN/C —.—— ‘n 72 T 17—2: Awm 3. A piano tuner using a 264 Hz tuning fork strikes a key on the piano and hears 4 beats per second. What are the two possible fi'equencies of vibration for the piano wire? gt)!“ : (19-6,, fi 200mm 363% 4. What is the frequency (in Hz) of the minute hand on a clock? What is the frequency of thehourhand? I J. ‘ M wan WW}: OM cvck pr law: 507; : 3W, - as W H} I \ A ,5 MM We Cfick W I; lags/‘5: ,&.60.é01 (73;; ’ 9.3X10 H2- 5. What is the difference between a transverse wave and a longitudinal wave? Give an example of eachd F / M éfi £7 {1% Arm 0; fn’fa‘jbh . Tramsw- freuéva a 0‘44"" 7s ML ‘“ “ €Wk1uTA< Wm: ["Jltfkwg Dace war/g Wat/Y; Wish? 4,137 Jib/I [lira/(on. of “Gil/50" 7; Bid/(4’ ég d/‘fe&é‘v-\ pffmrdjfi'6N‘ gnaw/(I'- Sywd um. 6. Is it possible to transfer heat mto a maternal and have that material remain at the same temperature? If so, give an example. If not, explain why not. Yes. Hm an L1 érmsfi/mt [w a Mfr/W N W14 of 6% WOZL , ' EXWQ'. ia at 0"< moth“) M0 “#46 0°C W 7. List the three main methods of heat and give an example of each. Candy ([(YDV' : '6'” Udtibs Svnet'fi-Ha Let amt/(96w a “ he an “365 " Fad/46°44 '- (N 4 an trad/«(g [we M #33 8. Describe how wind can make an umbrella collapse as shown in the picture. but; {a Emma/Id Pam/k, W Muff) asp B flffl Awa— PMSSw—L arr fléove M 0“ flw DVG'VLK of W Umbra/(a f5 NWVB M {oz/k. [NM/ll wit/Lt {1% (W VMLV M “M /“ (Mimi/4 t7 sfih’m- TMM 4.4 3,} 45M VME Is at 4 fluff Masai (W43 7% {b Callapré t/wmb“. How a ...
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mt2s - Problem 1(3 pts each 7 2 4 e a 1'0 1.2 Time(seconds...

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