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Unformatted text preview: Csar Salinas UTeid: cfs549 Marriage and Well-being The three articles provide a widely explanation of the pros and cons of getting married. Linda Waites article, Does marriage matter?, gives us many statistical charts where we can notice that as time goes on fewer people are getting married and people who have a happy marriage tend to be healthier than singles or widowed. It also depicts many problems that cause stress in a marriage and I will describe this article as a general perspective of marriage. Tara Parker-Popes article, Is marriage good for your health?, is more focus on marriage and its consequences on health and the research being led by Ronald Glaser and his spouse Jan Kiecolt-Glaser. The last article, Married folks still the Healthiest, written by Serena Gordon shows us many concepts that are better explained on Tara Parker-Popes article but she made two really interesting statements: The first one, being married gives you more access to social support and economic resources and the...
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