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week 2 emerging adulthood - Cesar Salinas One common thing...

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Cesar Salinas One common thing among the three articles is the delay of many, not adolescents neither adults, on reaching adulthood. I think that is the main point in the three articles. All of them describe almost the same reasons but from different perspectives: Jeffrey Jensen is mainly focused on how emerging adulthood differs from adolescence and young adulthood, which are commonly confused. He also describes how emerging adulthood differs depending on the culture and provides a prediction of adulthood in the future. Patricia Cohen provides us good examples and is mainly focused on women, marriage, and having children as characteristics of reaching adulthood; Robin Marantz shows us 5 milestones that are also described on Jeffrey Jensen’s piece: completing school, leaving home, becoming financially independent, marrying and having children. On this article, we also find information about Jeffrey Jensen research and a discrepancy between Jeffrey Jensen and Keniston. The latter called this
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