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A4 2010 PHYS115-handout

A4 2010 PHYS115-handout - F10PHYS115UAE Assignment4Handout...

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F10 PHYS 115 UAE Assignment 4 Handout Essential University Physics – End of Chapter Problems Hand in the problems with square brackets [] Chapter 5: [36], 37, 38, [40], 46, 48, 51, [53], 56, 59, [62], 70 From F09 midterm The two blocks shown below are moving to the left. There is friction between all surfaces in contact. The force F is large enough such that block 2 does not slide down block 1. Draw the free body diagram (FBD) for each individual block, including all forces and accelerations. Deadline Tues., Oct. 5 at 9 am, hand in box. Required Format You are required to use the following format on your submitted assignment questions:
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