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A2 2010 PHYS115-handout - F10‐PHYS‐115‐UAE Assignment...

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Unformatted text preview: F10‐PHYS‐115‐UAE Assignment 2 Handout Essential University Physics – End‐of‐Chapter Problems Hand in the problems with square brackets 3.27, 3.33, 3.38, 3.41, 3.46, 3.56, [3.66] [3.71], 3.72, [3.76] From F09 midterm A student standing on the edge of a building attempts to toss a ball into a barrel on the ground. Assume that she tosses the ball at angle 30 ° from the horizontal 10 m above the ground. The barrel is 1 m high and 10 m away from the edge of the building. Find the initial speed of the toss so that the ball hits the center of the top of the barrel. 1 m barrel ground 10 m v0 30 ° top of building 10 m Deadline Mon., Sept. 20 at 9 am, hand‐in box on Ryan’s Desk ...
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