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Unformatted text preview: F10‐PHYS‐115‐UAE Assignment 1 Handout Essential University Physics – End‐of‐Chapter Problems Hand in the problems with square brackets 2.30, 2.45, 2.58, 2.60, 2.62, [2.64], 2.77, [2.82], [2.86] From F09 midterm A car travelling through a narrow one‐way tunnel experiences a mechanical problem so that its speed is only 18 km/hr. When the car is 200 m from the exit a truck enters travelling 108 km/hr. (a) Assuming the truck does not slow down, is there a collision in the tunnel? If so, at what distance from the exit? (b) Assuming the truck notices the car when it is half‐way through the tunnel, what is the acceleration necessary to just avoid the collision? narrow tunnel 900 m entrance truck exit car vt vc 200 m ...
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