ANTH 102 lab 5 asst genus homo

ANTH 102 lab 5 asst genus homo - H rudolfensis or...

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Name:_____________ ANT 102 Genus Homo Lab Assignment Station 1. a. What features distinguish Paranthropus from Australopithecus ? b. What features distinguish Australopithecus from Chimpanzees? Station 2. In what ways are these specimens similar to Australopithecus ? In what ways to they differ? Station 3. How would you classify this specimen? Does it share similarities with
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Unformatted text preview: H. rudolfensis or Australopithecus ? Station 4. How do these specimens differ from early Homo ( H. habilis, H. rudolfensis )? Station 5. H. erectus has distinctive cranial shape. What are some features that distinguish this species from all others? Station 6. Describe the changes to the face/brow ridges that distinguish H. heidelbergensis from H. erectus ....
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