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STAT400/MATH463 Fall 2009 Practice Problems I Sept 24 Midterm I Practice Problems 1. Compute the following probabilities. a) Events A and B are disjoint. The probability that B will not happen is 0.7, and P ( A B )= 0 . 5. Find P ( A ). b) If A and B are independent events with P ( A ) = 0 . 6 and P ( B ) = 0 . 7, Find the probability that A occurs or B occurs or both occur. c) Suppose P ( A ) = 0 . 22, P ( B ) = 0 . 25, and P ( A B ) = 0 . 11. Find P ( A ± B ± ). 2. What is the probability that a 5-card poker hand drawn from a standard 52-card deck has one ace and two face cards (king, queen, jack)? 3. In Neverland, men constitute 60% of the labor force. The rates of unemployment are 6.0% and 4.5% among males and females, respectively. A person is selected at random from Neverlands labor force. a) What is the probability that the person selected is a male and is unemployed? b) What is the probability that the person selected is unemployed? c) Suppose the person selected is unemployed. What is the probability that a male was
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